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Flexitallic, the global leader in static sealing solutions, has received prestigious industry accreditation for its unique Change™ gasket as utilisation of the product continues to increase in critical customer applications. 

Change™ is a highly-resilient metal-wound gasket, designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever and with a track record of performing 60% longer than other gaskets designed for the same application.

The Change™ gasket exceeded the TA Luft pass threshold of the German air pollution regulation by four orders of magnitude, demonstrating the technology's ability to deliver the tightness of a Kammprofile with the memory (recovery) of a Spiral Wound Gasket.

With over 10,000 various applications of the Change™ gasket already in service the Change™ gasket has improved bolted connection performance for operations in Steel, Power, Chemical, Refining, and Pulp & Paper Industries throughout the world in both standard flange and specialty equipment applications.

Change™ gaskets were introduced by Flexitallic in direct response to customers' long-term heat exchanger sealing problems.  Heat Exchangers often undergo multiple  temperature and pressure cycles and poor long term sealing can hurt overall operational performance. From these initial applications our customers have also applied the dynamic recovery technology to standard flange gaskets for improved long term joint tightness.

Manufactured using proprietary equipment, the Change™ gasket features a unique metal spiral profile compared with standard gaskets. This profile combined with a laser welding process facilitates the construction of a robust and dynamic seal.

Change™ gaskets can also be supplied with Flexitallic's exclusive Thermiculite® gasket material, which was developed for use in critical services applications, from cryogenics to temperatures in excess of 1,000° Celsius. The Thermiculite® material is a critical component in eliminating graphite oxidation which limits seal life and seal tightness.

Phil Kelshaw, Flexitallic’s Sales Director - Eastern Hemisphere, said: "The TA Luft test has proved just how good our Change™ gasket is and backs up the decision of a growing number of customers, across a wide range of markets, to choose this product."

"With growing sales, successful applications in problem bolted connections, and a growing product material and size range the market is directly endorsing Change™ and the latest accreditation will undoubtedly help to continue this growth."

To learn more about the Change™ Gasket contact your Regional Sales Manager or Flexitallic Sales Office:

  • SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
    Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
    Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
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