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From left to right: Matthew Dentith, Dene Halkyard, Richard Rodgers


The Applications Engineering Team provides bespoke services to address the requirements of plants and assets featuring bolted joints, particularly those within Heat Exchangers used in sectors such as downstream oil & gas and chemical processing.


While the majority of bolted connections in the oil and gas and chemical sectors are standardised, heat exchangers are subject to individual design and have bespoke requirements to ensure maximum performance in extreme ranges of temperature and pressure.


Flexitallic has worked to address these issues with the development of innovative sealing technology, most notably Change™, the most resilient gasket on the market, which can operate 60 percent longer than other gaskets and successfully withstand multiple thermal cycles of more than 300˚C.


As a result of the increased heat exchanger projects, Flexitallic has welcomed two new Applications Engineers, Richard Rodgers and Matthew Dentith.


Richard has re-joined the applications engineering team after a brief spell with another engineering company. Richard’s early career was focused around fluid transmission and mechanical design before moving on to positions in project and engineering management.


With 10 years’ experience in automotive, aerospace and marine manufacturing industries, Matthew most recently worked in the field of mechanical sealing providing technical support to internal sales and clients.  He is now applying his skills to application engineering in the sealing industry with his new role at Flexitallic.


The reputation of Flexitallic’s applications specialists has also been boosted by an accolade from the Heat Transfer Society. The company’s Applications Engineering Manager, Dene Halkyard has been awarded the Mike Ackrill Trophy for the best Forum Presentation of the last year.


Dene addressed society members with a presentation about gasket types utilised in heat exchangers and the latest developments in gasket technology.


Dene said: “The need to maintain effective sealed joints in heat exchangers is becoming more prevalent across industry and has led to the expansion of our Applications Team.  Timescales between shutdowns are increasing, for example, which dictates the need for gaskets with longer lifespans that can operate successfully in extreme environments. 


“Alongside utilising the specialist solutions we have created, such as Change™, our Applications Engineers apply their experience and expertise to meet the exacting requirements of individual applications.


“Richard and Matthew are welcome additions to the team and they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be of real benefit to our customers.”

  • SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
  • Thermiculite® High Temperature Material – Invincible against Heat.
  • Change™ Gasket – Our best gasket yet - proven to perform 60% longer!
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